Many of you have relished Killer Shrimp as a nostalgic favorite, caught in a long-term codependent relationship with the thing that you crave. Its so spicy that it opens you up and makes you feel alive! You’re not alone.

The Original Killer Shrimp has a long history of making people tear up while gasping in short and fiery spurts of passion. Those who embrace the piping hot spicy goodness of our signature broth are brought to cries of, “I MISSED THIS STUFF SO MUCH!”. We are proud to say we make grown men cry.

Killer Shrimp is back and better than ever. I have never seen anything like the following we’ve experienced with this brand. Its been nothing but a big love-fest of support and admiration. People actually drove across state lines for closing night of our old location three years ago. Now that we’re open again, we’re serving up dozens of daily bowls of the Original Killer Shrimp with fluffy french bread for dipping. People are loving this stuff so much that they drive over an hour, then wait for a table for nearly as long to once again indulge in the spicy sauce they’ve waited years to enjoy. Upon this writing, a restaurant owner 23 miles away BEGGED me to bring them takeout, having realized that Killer Shrimp has resurrected. Amazing.

But you can’t blame ’em, right? …the succulent shrimp, the fluffy bread, the spice profile and the mystery broth folks try to duplicate at home. You can’t beat it. But then we got to thinking, how COULD we beat it? How could we blow people’s minds with something new? Really take this thing they love and improve on it? The powers that be at Killer Shrimp got to thinkin’, Facebook Fans got to suggestin’ …and our baby was born.

Introducing The Original Killer Shrimp Roll with Original Killer Shrimp au jus for dipping! We sautee our sweet and tender shrimp in our famous sauce, place it into a tender french roll and serve it with savory sweet potato fries for a combination of sweet, spicy and salty that just might throw you off of your Original Killer Shrimp addiction. The whole thing gets dunked into our OG Killer Shrimp sauce, like a traditional dipping au jus. Its a joyful experience. 

At $12 per entree, portions are generous and filling. Order The Original Killer Shrimp Roll for lunch or dig in for dinner, we don’t care…its perfect for both. Just get in here and taste the ultimate love child created by our Original Killer Shrimp and that fluffy french bread…with all that dunking, it was bound to happen! A huge thank you to all our Facebook Fans who encouraged us to bring back a seafood sandwich…you asked for what you wanted and we delivered. Stay tuned for more exciting entrees from Killer Shrimp Restaurant and Bar.